Vision & Mission


Bestow upon our students totality in education with elite excellence & spirited cognizance in compassionate environment to envisage all round development of their personality.

YAK Public School aspires to develop socially conscious Indian citizens of tomorrow who will provide enlightened leadership in all walks of life.

The school's vision is set with a futuristic view that students are the leaders of tomorrow. They are the ones who would not only lead their family but also the country to the path of progress. A progressive and developed country is the one which has its foundation strongly built upon with citizens who are not only intellectually but also socially and spiritually developed.


To impart spectacular & holistic education for a better tomorrow with affluent legacy of the orient in order to engender model Indian citizen for the transmission of global knowledge and attitudes having harmonious blend of vedic trace & scientific approach.

Mission of Various Committees of YAK Public School

  • Academic : "Continuous and Comprehensive Development of child."
  • Sanskar : "VasudhaivaKutumbakam."
  • Hostel : "Home away from home."
  • Mess : "Eat healthy to live healthy."
  • Medical : "When good care leads, good health follows."