About Us

A CBSE affiliated daily scholar cum residential co-education school, blending Indian traditional and cultural values with modern teaching methodology. YAK Public School belongs to the ISO 9001:2008 certified YAK Group which is an established name in the field of Marine Education/ Training, Ship Management, Diving Training/Operations and Construction. YAK Public School is a true confluence of various streams of the Indian way of thought and endeavors to provide modern education to children with effective emphasis on the knowledge and wisdom enshrined in our traditions and cultural heritage.

The concept of the institution is to promote the rich Indian cultural heritage and integrate it with modern education to broaden the students' horizon of knowledge and learning enabling them to develop a complete and balanced personality of their own, excel in and lead the global community.

With spacious classrooms, well equipped Computer labs, Science Laboratories, Social Science lab, Science Museum, Language lab,a well stocked Library, Music Room, Fine Art department and a spacious Playground with sufficient Sports teachers the school provides ample opportunities for the students' overall development.

A swimming pool of international standard is available within the school campus the students for the purpose of recreational Swimming and training on Scuba diving with an aim of overall physical development of students.

The school follows Continuous and comprehensive evaluation for students of all classes. To provide understanding of the subjects and to develop Creativity amongst the students modern techniques of teaching and learning such as Learning by doing, Project work, discussions, library consultations and such other involving use of Audio Visual teaching aids are used.

The school campus also has hostel facilities to accommodate over 500 students at a time. The hostel has separate arrangements to accommodate girl students with adequate isolations. The hostel is provided with excellent lodging and boarding facilities with dining hall, recreation room and sports grounds for both indoor and out door games. The facilities of Cafeteria and General/ stationery store is also available within the hostel premises to take care of the general day to day requirements of the students and provide items at a subsidised rates.